My name is Erik Bergman.

During my life, I´ve had a passion for art and painting in particular.

This has followed me with start from the drawing classes in primary school, all the way through color and shape lessons in the 3D animation education at University West, on to study art in San Diego. Painting is and will always be a great passion and source of inspiration in my life.




Styrelsen bar och bistro

Hantverkargatan 31

2019, 6 April-

Backdrop guises

Galleri 3K

Lilla Nygatan 19

Gamla stan

2012, 15 December-

Bland red men

Det lilla galleriet

Tidaholmsplan 21-23


2011, 10 December-

Stuck home syndrome

Shiny Nickel Art Gallery

Sacramento, CA


2009, 12 December-

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